Change Linux Command

Changing linux command can help us, if you want to equate all the basic commands in OS into one, or just make it memorable. For example image below, here I changed the command "ls" to "list", and it worked.

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"Talking Tom Cat" is Funny Application for Child

At that time I was visiting my sister home. She has a daughter who was aged less than one year. I'm curious because at that time when his mother gave smarphone android on the child, the child knows what to do. She spoke on smartphones and smartphone yng repeats what the child talked with a different voice. I see the joy in children's faces when using a smartphone, and it turns out applications running on the smartphone there is "Talking Tom Cat".

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Snake Game on Youtube Buffer Loading

Whose name buffer is unavoidable, especially having only kecepatatan internet connection mediocre. Wait wait buffer like ants pick-iron, heavy. and usually the visitors prefer to leave youtube and mmbiarkan running buffer prior to then be seen after complete buffering.

But youtube has another way that visitors do not leave the site just for that reason. Is to create a loading buffer on youtube into a game, the game of snake-hose.

To use it, first play first video that you want to play on youtube, then when loading to buffer the video.

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Feeling Android iOS and Windows

Recomended : Espier Launcher / 7 Launcher

After doing some testing on launcher available at Play Store is the theme of another operating system. So it decided 2 1001Shortcuts with the best recommendations. Judged seriousness pembuatnnya and resemblance to the actual system.

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Make Easy Online Form with Email me Form

Recomended : emailmeform

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